Some Kind Of Hope

by Philip-John K Mauro

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Philip-John K Mauro's 6th release. This is a pre-LP E.P. to provide reference for the next wave of recordings coming in the near and distant future.


released June 9, 2019

Philip Mauro vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keys.
Craig Goodat drums (The Last Bastion, Cache, Light, The Girl From The North Country.
Dave Fox beats (Risk Being Alone)


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Philip-John K Mauro Waterloo, Ontario

Born in Orangeville, Ontario, Philip-John K Mauro in a 15 year period has recorded 2 rap albums, 2 e.p.s, one full length 8 song album (Soft Along the Tracks).

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Track Name: Light
So far,
lifeless, nightmares,
and so it goes,
she drove out, maiden
and love just disappears,
so I want to know how did i react,
what was the impact on her life,
and so I read it wrong,
she wandered, aimless,
until love reappeared,
now we've got to savour,
presently inside,
giving all my patience,
whichever way I look,
there is a ration ration,

some may look and some may shun,
some may revolutionize,
you can make it easier on the brain,
some may hook and some may dive

removing vices,
disciplining crisis,
wherever it goes,
whichever way I look,
there is a ration ration,
over the road I crossed
the wind caught sand is tossed,
onto the path I washed,
feeling compassion rock,
ill beat this softly,
by whispering subtleties in my head,

the only right I have reaches,
Track Name: Risk Being Alone
Philip Mauro
Track Name: The Girl From The North Country (Cover)
Bob Dylan
Track Name: The Last Bastion
Philip Mauro
Craig Goodat
Track Name: Under My Feet
Under My Feet

This is my profession,
Even when I'm letting up
on the rhythmic movements
connecting, anatomically, chemistry together,
systemically pending on the weather,
whether your already ready
for this steady melody
coming out of my heart,
and into the air,
where we can't compare,
lives from the prior highs,
and the lows that we so chose,
to affluently fluctuate through the river a time,
and give her, like never before,

so Watch me commit to this high,
I am living,
when I get to hear you
under my feet,
when you are there,

This is my position,
in the court according
to the coping I rode
when I broke my growth plate,
skating level land,
like I was going big,
but i never had the talent like some of these kids did,
i was repping all affiliates,
ggggetting a stuttering step so I stepped aside and filmed the next trick,
fflipping and kept on flipping till I could not flip that trick on each strip,
its legs locked, and arms dropped, and staring at the solar winds coming in
waves of heat soaking my skin,
honestly how did you not fall for me before
when I was torn to the
and bleeding from sores on my shins

Repeat Chorus

A new acquisition,
has invited me to live in
a vivid division of artistic
indecision where I need to decide
Whats the best pacifistic and efficient supervision
for the contracting mind,
which contracts the body
and then contracts the breathe,
then contracts the human to see whats next,
a cycle which leads us to settle the mind,
then relax the body,
and have awareness of breathe

Repeat Chorus

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